Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Liftits are the product all the fashion stars and models use and they have have taken Hollywood by storm. Why do you think those movie stars breasts look so perfect without a bra?, not everyone has had a boob job, some prefer to use a discrete product like Liftits.

These are perfect for those moments when bras are not an option, and droop is definitely out of the question. Just unpeel, hitch up and attach. It’s a perkified new you. All it takes is Liftits.

Liftits lift your breasts up to 5 cm (2 inches) – works for an A cup up to a D cup. They stay in place all day and night (or until you decide the time is right)

Liftits are a hypoallergenic adhesive, applied to the top of the breast rather than underneath. They are transparent, waterproof (yes – that means you can wear them swimming) and virtually undetectable.

Each pack contains 3 pairs

See the Video below to see how awesome a product this is.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tenga Air Cushion Classic

The Tenga is the latest craze straight from Japan. This Tenga is known as the Air Cushion Classic. This is the king of the crop in the Tenga product line. This cup utilizes air pressure that fills up each of the 24 cushion chambers in between the sleeve and the plastic outer cup. Instead of using sponge or urethane material to fill up space, the air chambers naturally apply even pressure around the inner sleeve, creating a sensational stimulation to the head and shaft of your member.
The Tengas are designed to be used only once but if you make sure you clean the unit thoroughly or use a condom you can get multiple uses out of one unit. Each unit comes pre lubed ready to use straight away. To use follow the instructions below
1 Tear off the shrink film and take off the cap.
2 Take off the air-hole seal.
3 Insert your penis into the lubricated hole.
4 Move the cup up and down.
If it’s “Deep Throat Cup”, you can change the strength of vacuum by pressing (and releasing) the air-hole. If it’s the “Air Cushion Cup”, you can enjoy the difference in pressure and vacuum by releasing (or pressing) its “air-hole”.
Dont believe us as to how good this unit is? See the video clip below to witness just how much suction this unit produces.

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Up Oil

UP Oil™ is a premium performance, Australian erectile massage oil. This light, 100% natural, nutrient rich, exotic blend is uniquely designed to help optimize blood supply in the penis.

UP is successfully helping men of all ages to improve their confidence and to enjoy heightened stimulation, firmer, fuller, more-responsive erections for more masculine fulfilment.

The bonus sensual massage effect is thoroughly enjoyable. UP Oil™ is a safe, effective, gradual, all natural alternative for enhancing your sex life and free from any unpleasant drug-related side effects.

• Firmer lasting erections
• Improve sensation
• Promote spontaneity
• Enhanced pleasure and excitement

UP’s inclusive benefits continue to work subtly and reliably throughout the day and night, giving you freedom, control and confidence to be ready when you want.

UP Oil™ is applied directly to the penis and easily absorbed. It involves a quick topical application as part of your daily routine. No other oil offers the erectile and skin benefits of UP.

Take your sexuality to a new level. When you use UP Oil™, you will understand why it has become the best selling Australian product of its class.

Vince: I have enjoyed using your Oil, its working very well. I’m already on my second bottle and look forward to continuing with it.

Terrence: Thank you for the delivery of UP Oil as I have been excited waiting its arrival to try it. Being older and with heart and libido problems I have to be careful what I can use, thus the interest in your product.
I am delighted to say the first thing that I found was the agreeable effect on my penis, it certainly gave me a sensation in that, "Hello I am alive down here", I found myself wanting to play.
After about 1 week or so of continual use I have one thing to say, "THIS BLOODY STUFF IS MARVELLOUS" I will certainly be keeping it up and cannot recommend it highly enough, it is a total pleasure thank you from my partner and I.

James: I thought id drop you a line in praise of your erection oil as I have found it a great product. Your Oil certainly takes the worry out of not being able to achieve a firm erection. After I had used it for about 10 days it had an amazing effect and what a boost to ones ego. I stopped using it when I went OS as I forgot to pack it and found a return to a soft erection. After returning home, I resumed the daily application and it is now back to a firm performance and no side effects. Can’t praise the product enough—thank you for marketing it in Australia

Richard: Though I generally have a high sex drive, I have had a few erectile problems. Then I heard about a product that may help. I was skeptical but decided to give it a go. Recently, during several encounters, I had what felt like a permanent erection and climaxed multiple times. I thought my head was going to explode. I normally take prescription pills and have not done so for more than a fortnight. The only thing I had done differently was using UP Oil.

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Clone A Willie

Immortalise yourself and thrill your lover with this fantastic kit. Use Hollywood's latest cutting-edge technology to clone your member - just like the stars do! Fun and easy to do, the kit is completely latex-free so it's completely safe and non-allergenic and contains everything you need to make an exact rubber replica of your manly package in all it's glory and with amazing detail...in just a matter of minutes!
Comes complete with a vibrator that you add to the mold so you end up with a vibrating replica of your own penis.

Tim: Thanks for a great product. I was stationed in Afghanistan with the Aussie Army and bought one of these for my girlfriend to keep her occupied until i came back. To say it got a workout is an understatement :-) Now im back home safely (well done troops) she will often insist that my better half joins us for a threesome with a twist. A great product and it has definately put the spice back in our life.

Sarah: My husband and I purchased one of these and we are amazed at just how lifelike the mold is, down to every ridge and vein. It was heaps easy to do and we both had a lot of fun making it. We have nicknamed it "ever ready" as when ive worn my hubby out I can grab his clone and that definately doesnt tire or wear out :-)

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Eclipse Ultra 7 Penguintronic

Eclipse's claim to advanced technology and unmatched power and performance continues with this premium vibrator. It has an ultra soft jelly penis shaped head and shaft that oscillates gently to arouse your g-spot and six rows of swirling pleasure pearls that spin at 6 different speeds.

The difference between this and a normal rabbit vibrator is that instead of little bunny ears we have here one very soft but very versatile beak shaped clitoral stimulator. This has 3 vibrating speeds, 3 pulsating speeds and 1 escalating mode. Coming in a pleasing purple colour and measuring 7 inches from its tip to the control panel and 2 inches wide the Eclipse Ultra 7 Penguitronic vibrator is highly recommended.

Dont forget the control panel is easy to use and illuminated for those night time adventures.

Steve: This was the first vibrator my wife had ever used. We checked out your store and decided on this one as the price was right and it seemed to be a fairly stock standard reliable vibrator. Well we were totally blown away by the performance. Straight out of the package it felt strong and sturdy and made my wife giggle when we switched it on. Well her giggles soon turned to moans of pleasure once it was inserted and boy did she come hard not long after. She has assured me its the best present I have given her yet. It definately gets a good working out on a regular basis now and so far has handled the workload ;-)

Purchase the Eclipse Ultra 7 Penguintronic from our store.

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Double Bunny

Our very first review is on a spectacular dual action vibrator called "The Double Bunny"

It is a Rabbit pearl vibrator with a difference. It has a probing pearl shaft, an awesome clitoral stimulator and a mind blowing anal stimulator. The shaft rotates in both directions (at your command!) and you can control the two stimulator's separately as well.

It has the classic rotating shaft with rotating pearl beads for insertion, as well as the two stimulator's - one for clitoral stimulation, one for anal!

It measures 10.5 inches in length of which 6 inches is insertable, 5 inches circumference with 1.5 inches diameter. The double bunny is made from jelly rubber and is firm to the touch and feel. It is not waterproof and has the controller built in. It will require 4 x AA batteries and being such a powerful toy will chew through the batteries. We highly suggest purchasing rechargeable batteries as we know you will love this toy so much it will be a constant working companion.

This product is excellent quality and construction, and it looks great too. Some personal reviews are below.

Rob: My wifes first comment was 'Oh My God' before we settled down for some fun play. She has always enjoyed rabbit vibrators but has also enjoyed light anal play, well this vibrator certainly filled the gap as well as her ass and clit. The perfect combination certainly sent her over the edge. A great purchase, unfortunately it does such a good job i doubt we will need to buy any other vibrators from your store unless we need to replace this one seeing its getting a constant work out.

Jenny: The toy looked a little scary when i first got it ready to use as it is 10.5 inches in length but once i had eased it into myself wow was i in for a treat. Not only did the shaft rotate and squirm inside me but my clit and ass got a good seeing to as well. i didn't last to long before my first orgasm ripped through me. My husband said i would have been lucky to have lasted 3 minutes. I jokingly said i lasted longer than him. Lucky we have the double bunny to help out. My only con was that it ate through the batteries. We have now bought some rechargeable ones and they work a treat.

Purchase the Double Bunny from our store.

Monday, March 31, 2008

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